For the new development building we are aiming to create an environmentally friendly enterprise.

By incorporating solar panels and thermal efficient glass to insulate the building lowering heating costs to maintain a developing sustainable business.

It is recognised that the company’s activities can have an adverse impact on our environment. It is our intention to manage our activities and minimise the negative impacts on the environment. The Company will also, as far as reasonably practicable, manage its activities in ways that will benefit the environment whenever possible.
• All the materials used; paper, plastics, glass which is all locally sourced are recycled in the categorized bins.
• We arrange jobs for on the way to and from work for fuel efficiency.
• Vans are tracked for fuel efficiency.
• Re-use paper for the fax machine.
• Make glass ornaments/ products from scrap glass/ given to people in arts and crafts.
• Promote sound environmental management policies where appropriate
• Provide regular maintenance schedule for company vehicles
• To support the professional development of our staff to ensure they can contribute to improving environment performance.