Hughes Glass are specialists in the protection and management of empty properties. Our aim is to provide bespoke solutions tailored to our clients needs.

At Hughes Glass we offer a range of services to help manage your empty properties. Providing a complete solution with services including security binding and screening and the clearing out of properties so they are ready to be used again.

We offer complete protection for empty and vacant properties through our renowned range of security screens and doors.

Polymer Clear Screens
Perfect for securing doors and windows without being obtrusive or affecting the aesthetics of the surrounding area.

Steel Screens
Screening made from Europe’s most widely used high strength steel offering ideal protection from vandalism.

Need something longer term? Our sacrificial steel screens are perfect, they’re tamper proof and perfect for properties awaiting demolition.

Masterguard Keyless Door
A keyless access door made from tough steel.

Wood Panels
Obstruct unwanted entry through windows or doors with our thick wood panels.

Give us a call 24/7 to get more information about our property protection services.