As the market leader in North Wales, Hughes Glass is now renowned for leading the way in the high specification residential glazing market.

Our glazing packages at Hughes Glass for both standard and bespoke architectural glazing, primarily includes a full design, manufacture and installation package. Our expertise in the industry not only enables us to utilise many of the standard architectural glazing systems currently available in today’s market, it also means we can develop bespoke systems tailored specifically to the individual requirement of your contract.

We understand that no job is the same. Every contract is different with different technical and aesthetic needs. Hughes Glass offers a fresh approach to architectural glazing. We will offer specific products with a bespoke service every time. No wonder we are often recommended by our clients asa great alternative to our competitors!

  • Aluminium shop front
  • Aluminium curtain walling
  • Structural glazing/bolted systems
  • Glass door assemblies (bifold, sliding, frameless, aluminium, multi-stacking, automatic)
  • Glass bends
  • Glass screens
  • Glass balustrade
  • Glass canopies
  • Frameless assemblies
  • Glass flooring/walkways
  • High performance acoustic thermal
  • Armoured
  • Anti bandit
  • Pyrodur fire glass
  • Glass rainscreens
  • Security
  • Glass screens/partitions
  • Overhead glazing-canopies, skylights, roof lights
  • Frameless glass balustrade

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