Hughes Glass offers a filming service which can solve any window issues.

The presence of glass in building design has become more prevalent over the past few years. Despite glass being functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it does come with some issues…

There is often a requirement for expensive mechanical cooling when large expanses of glass are used. A bigger area of glass means more solar heat entering a building which can often result in uncomfortable conditions. Another issue is solar glare, especially in working environments where computers are used on a daily basis and what if natural light is desired but there’s also a need for privacy?

Hughes Glass offers a filming service which can solve all of the above, here’s how:


Our Mirror and Neutral Heat and Anti Glare Control film provides a quick and effective solution to reduce heat and summer and winter glare.



Our 100 micron clear standards approved window film enhancement to glass within the workplace and schools ensure protective safety.



Solar, frosted window films and decorative etch film and vinyl will create a modern look for dividing window panels and office screens enhancing privacy and restricting unauthorized view.


One way film

Daylight hours obscure window films. Restrict viewing of goods and keep vision to a minimum. See one way through glass with solar mirror or Neutral reflective solar control film and window tints.



Reduce access via glass, glazed doors and windows with our 175 micron anti shatter security film. Comes as clear and/or combination solar silver protection films.



Is a legal requirement detailed in building Regulations 14, manifestation provides a simple solution in making large expanses of glass apparent. We can supply and install manifestations.


Cut graphics

We supply and install Cut Graphics. Have your company logo as part of Regulation 14 or just basic decorative branding and advertising. Frosted opaque or colour vinyl or film.


UV window protection film

Get the latest UV protection and reduce fade and burning of expensive goods with UV films. Barriers in this polyester film filter up to 99.7% of UV transmission.


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